About Shirts of Excellence

About Shirts of Excellence

Welcome to Shirts of Excellence – the newest web resource for match worn, match issue, player spec and vintage football shirts!

As collectors ourselves we realise how seriously shirt collections can be taken! As such all of the shirts described are broken into the following definitions:

Match Worn

As it sounds – a shirt straight from the players back, usually via a known game and always from a known and trusted source. Occasionally still with markings / sweat from the pitch, although more often laundered by kit men. I will add a disclaimer here though, when describing an obviously used (for example) Leytonstone Town Number 15 from the mid 70’s I will describe it as match worn even though I can’t specifically pin down details – not an assumption I make when dealing with post 2000 shirts.

Match Issue

A shirt directly from a clubs kit room / kit man which had the direct potential to be worn by a player. Often a player’s spare but unused shirt. The shirt will display all the differences between a player’s shirt and a shop bought replica (if they exist, some clubs don’t use different kits).

Player Spec

A shirt exactly the same as used by the players but without any connection to the club never mind the player involved! Usually different and superior quality to the shop replicas, I’ll usually break down the differences in the description. Normally usually only prevalent with the bigger Champions League Teams and often sold on sites such as eBay with ridiculous claims of being “match worn”, I must have seen more than 150 “worn” shirts of Diego Milito in the Champions League Final of 2010!

Replica / signed shirts

Both self explanatory really, the signed shirts are all hand signed rather than autopen rubbish. Basically have a look around and enjoy the site, there are some interesting bits and bobs! Keep up to date by following our official Twitter feed – there are new retro football shirts arriving daily..

We cover our most frequently asked questions on the website, but if you have a question about one of our football shirts, or if you require some more information please contact us.
We have a massive range of shirts in stock, but if you are after something in particular please contact us and we'll see if we can help source your football shirt for you.